Bonne Esperance Graduation Ceremony

The Bonne Esperance programme run by the Catholic Welfare and Development organisation is a shelter for refugee women and children. Africa Unite has partnered with CWD and Bonne Esperance to put on a series of human rights workshops for the refugee women, tailored to their unique situation.

The purpose of these workshops are to empower refugee women living in Bonne Esperance with general knowledge on human rights, that will also enable them to be self- reliant and prepare them to face everyday life challenges in South Africa as soon as they leave the shelter.

The series of workshops covered the following topics: Instruments Protecting Human Rights of Individuals in South Africa; How to apply for asylum in South Africa; New Children Acts; Gender and Domestic Violence; Services available to Refugee women and Durable Solution.

Today marked the graduation of 12 of the women at the shelter who completed the program of seven workshops. Africa Unite presented the women with certificates of completion that provide the women with a sense of accomplishment as well as a tool in their job searches.

After speeches were given by past Bonne Esperance graduates, CWD and Africa Unite, the women were presented with their certificates and everyone shared a meal together. More photos from the event can be viewed here.

Africa Unite will continue to work in cooperation with CWD and Bonne Esperance to provide ongoing human rights workshops for new groups of refugee women at the shelter.

This series of workshops was sponsored by the Foundation for Human Rights. 

One of the women receives her certificate of completion from Shingai Maposa (left), the Africa Unite Human Rights Coordinator, and Robyn Rowe (right), the CWD Trauma and Healing Coordinator.

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