Human Rights Workshop in Masiphumelele

On 11 July 2012, a group of Africa Unite Peer Educators held a human rights workshop at CWD’s Pink House in Masiphumelele. The workshop, held for approximately 25 primary school children in the community, ran from 10h00 to 15h00.

Khulekani Sibindi organised the workshop and facilitated the activities, along with Adam Adiasu, Mduduzi Mpofu, Martin Iroche, Bradley Wilson, and other Africa Unite Peer Educators and Interns.

After some games and ice-breakers lead by Khulekani, the children were split up into three groups for the main morning activity. Each of the groups was given a country to represent and a background story for that country. The groups read the stories and brainstormed what human rights they should have based on the conditions described in the story. The children then presented their respective stories and list of human rights to the rest of the groups.

The afternoon program consisted of a discussion on diversity. The children all shared one thing that everyone can see about them and one thing that no one knows about them. This activity was used to show that we are have different likes, dislikes, skills, and abilities, but are all still equal. After this activity, the day was finished up with a discussion on refugees and foreigners, and how they have the same human rights and should not be the targets of xenophobia and racism.

The children were active and enthusiastic during the day’s activities. More human rights workshops will be held in Masiphumelele during the month of August.

Martin, an Africa Unite Intern, helps his group brainstorm during group work.

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