Nelson Mandela Day

Yesterday, Africa Unite, in partnership with other stakeholders in Gugulethu, visited several affected burned houses as a result of the gang violence in Gugulethu. The visit was part of a follow-up on the recommendations made during a community dialogue, held on 6 July 2012, between 5 gang groups in Gugulethu. It was hosted by Africa Unite. All of the gangs members agreed to rebuild the housing as a sign of their reconciliation. Mandela Day was identified by them as the beginning of their commitment. The Chairperson of Sub Council 14, Belinda Landigwe led the social call and gave the word of encouragement to the affected families on behalf of all the stakeholders.

More pictures from the visits can be viewed here.

The chairperson of Sub Council 14, Belinda Landigwe, encourages one of the affected house owners.

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