Youth Combating Violence against Women

Africa Unite is currently planning a basketball tournament in collaboration with the Institute for Justice and Crime Prevention to take place on 18th August in commemoration of Women’s Month. The theme for this year’s event is “Youth Combating Violence against Women” under the slogan “These Hands Don’t Hurt.” We are expecting 300 to 400 youths from Belhar, Guguletu and various schools in the area. The overall outcome of this tournament is to change the attitudes and behavior of young men, youth towards women, and women’s rights in the deprived urban areas especially in the townships of Cape flats. It is also an alternative and example for the youth to use their hands in positive ways instead of drugs, gangsterism or battery and harm of women. The tournament will also foster social cohesion as the teams will be made up of young people from different backgrounds, Belhar, Guguletu, and foreign nationals. All are invited to attend!

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