Africa Unite & Cape Town Refugee Center Human Rights Workshops for Refugees and Migrants

Africa Unite, as per Cape Town Refugee Center request, on the 28 of September held a Human Rights workshop for 18 participants comprising of 6 men and 12 women. The workshop touched on:

  • The importance of Human rights education
  • Human Rights principle
  • Bill of Rights (South African constitution)
  • Categories of Human Rights
  • South African mandate towards the protection of Human Rights
  • Vulnerable groups (Women, children, elderly, people with disabilities and refugees).
  • Sex and gender
  • Children’s rights

After the workshop, the participants had this to say:

I have realised that as a refugee, I must be active and not just be passive because there are so many opportunities for me out there. All along I thought that I could not do anything because I am a refugee in this country, but now I know I have every right to do anything I want in this country. I just do not have political right.”

I had random knowledge about my human rights but now I know specifically from principles which as a teacher I will make sure I teach my students some of the students back in Congo.” –a lecturer from Congo who was in South Africa for a visit

One woman said: “I have learned a lot and I now realise why my husband does not want me to attend these workshops because they open my eyes to things he doesn’t want me to know.”

Participants in the workshop listen to facilitator

One male participant requested that Africa Unite get deeper into the human rights talks so that they gain more knowledge on how to handle themselves as parents here in South Africa. There are many issues and questions they would like to ask Africa Unite, which is why they asked for a dialogue where they could discuss more.

With that request raised, a dialogue was scheduled for  the 26th of October.

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