Executive Mayor of Drakenstein Municipality Meets Africa Unite

On the 11th October 2012, Africa Unite met with the Executive Mayor, Gesie Van Deventer of Drakenstein Municipality, in Paarl at Civic Centre. The purpose of the meeting was to report to the Executive Mayor about some allegations raised by Qolothani Makhosikazi- Women’s group in Mbekweni against foreign nationals, especially Somalian traders living in the area.

The allegations concerned criminal activities, no respect for by- laws, domestic violence, abuse of young girls, dubious business dealings, and cultural misunderstanding.

The Executive Mayor was accompanied in this meeting by her Deputy Mayor, Mr. Conrad Poole, Lulama Ntlemeza-Portfolio Holder of Environment, and Dr. Adams-Portfolio Holder Social Services. Africa Unite brought along Mr. Mangena-Councillor Ward 9 in Mbekweni, Mama Xwayimpi representing Qolothani Makhosikazi’s women group, and Mr. Mashotyana representing the business community in Mbekweni.

After a fruitful discussion, the following issues were agreed upon:

  • The mayor agreed to schedule a meeting with Qolothani Makhosikazi women group in Mbekweni in order to get a deeper understanding of the seriousness of the above allegations.
  • The Drakenstein Municipality is busy drafting by laws that will assist in solving some of the issues raised by the community.
  • A working relationship was created between Africa Unite and the Drakenstein Municipality. We are hopeful that our work with the local councillors will progress in order to create a harmonious community in Mbekweni and surrounding areas beside the diverse cultures and backgrounds of its people.

For more pictures, click here.


Row 1 from the left: Lasse, Africa Unite intern, Dr. Adams-Portfolio Holder Social Services, Drakeinstein Municipality, Nomsa-Africa Unite, Executive Mayor, Gesie Van Deventer, Deputy Mayor, Mr Conrad Poole, Zoe-Africa Unite Director, Councilor Mangena, Ward 9, Mbekweni. Row 2 from left: Mama Xwayimpi representing Qolothani Makhosikazi, Lulama Ntlemeza-Portfolio Holder of Environment, Mr. Mashotyana representing the business community in Mbekweni.

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