Women Skills Development Training: Session 1

Africa Unite held the first “Business Skills Training Workshop” on the 15th of November 2012. The training workshop took place at the Idasa Building from 9am to 3pm. It was attended by 34 women.

business skills 2

With the aim of giving the participants basic understanding of what the dynamic aspects of a business are and what the potential business owner has to research to establish a business, the following topics were discussed:

  • What is an Entrepreneurship?
  • What is Business?
  • The 3 Different Kinds of Business
  • What Makes an Entrepreneur?
  • Why Small Enterprises Fail
  • Characteristics of an Entreprenuer
  • Ideas Generation
  • Typical Problems Encountered By Entreprenuers
  • Factors Affecting The Success of a Business Venture
  • Naming Your Business
  • Planning Business Overview

The women asked a lot of questions and indicated that they liked the facilitation of the workshop because it was interactive and the examples where real, practical, and easy to understand as well as relate to.business sskills

A challenge occurred when two women could not stay until 3pm because they had to leave and pick up their children, which is one of the challenges of this workshop.

One woman said: “At least now I know what it means to start a business and how to be prepared making sure I make more money.”

For more pictures, click here.

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