Africa Acts Out Talent Show

Africa Acts Out 098 Africa Unite, in partnership with Africa Acts Out hosted a talent showcase on 20th April 2013 at the Zolani Centre in Nyanga. Africa Acts Out was established recently by a group of students from the University of Connecticut on an exchange/internship programme in Cape Town. These students started working in the township community, Nyanga, with the children from the Singamakhalipha Programme that works with orphaned and vulnerable children under the umbrella of Africa Unite. This particular talent show was aimed at encouraging the children to tap into their talent, giving them the opportunity and platform for them to truly express themselves the way they know best.

Africa Acts Out 102The showcase included acts such as singing, dance routines, skits, slam poetry and many other forms of creative expression. Needless to say, this definitely will be a memory that the youth will forever treasure – it was evident that their expressions came naturally and they were in their element, so much so that they were very quickly joined by children from all over the community.

A big thank you to the organisers is in order. Avery Desrosiers, Tekowa Omara-Otunnu, Brianna Martone, Janiel, Jerard Brown, Larissa Green, and Lindsay Waack have outdone themselves. Their hard work, long and late hours spent working in the township is appreciated by the community as well as Africa Unite. Also, a special thank you to Marita McComiskey, Associate Director & Internship Coordinator (University of Connecticut) for her continued support throughout.

For more pictures click here 

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