Stakeholders Workshop On: Migration : Regional Integration And The Plight Of The Most Marginalised Populations Of Sub – Saharan Africa

Stellenbosch University’s Hope Project “enables excellent research on local, regional and African challenges and provides some of Africa’s best opportunities for learning and growing new generations of thought leaders”. On May 16th, the Hope Project held a full-day conference on migratory issues at the Stellenbosch School of Public Leadership, bringing together heads of NGOs and representatives of the relevant government agencies. Africa Unite was invited to be part of this workshop.

The morning featured lectures exploring the evolving regional migration patterns in Southern Africa and the issues facing migrants. Clarified was the difference between a refugee and a migrant moving for economic reasons. In the afternoon the conference split into two groups to discuss the challenges and opportunities provided by the current and future migration in Africa.

The event was an opportunity for Africa Unite to associate with similar organizations as well as take away information on a relevant issue. Speaking at the event were Dr. George Mukundi (Coordinator, African Governance Architecture and Platform, African Union Commission), Dr. Harry Swart (Africa Forum), Ms. Stella Zacarias (International Organization for Migration Southern Africa), Vincent Williams (Migration Expert and Consultant), Ajay Kumar Bramdeo (African Union Representative at the EU and ACP Group).

The workshop was closed by the Dean of Faculty of Military Science soon after policy recommendations, further research and suggestions for topics of September conference were discussed.

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