Systematisation Training

On the 25 of May Africa Unite embarked on capacity building initiative by training Peer Educators and staff on a new way of learning from our experiences, systematization. In total 20 people attended and participated in this training. The programme for the first day training session was as follows:

Cape Town-20130614-01405The programme of the day was as follows:

  1. What is systematisation?
  2. Experience, Knowledge ad Action
  3. Definitions
  4. Why systematise experiences, what are the benefits ?
  5. Who is involved ?
  6. Institutional Support
  7. Systematisation Process – designing/development of a systematic  which goes in line with the next step
  8. Developing a framework
  9. Next Steps

The ultimate goal of awareness and understanding of systematization Process  as well as develop a draft proposed framework were both achieved.

The follow up meeting was held on 14 June with the aim of further working on a particular draft to come up with a detailed Framework and activity plan for the systematization process. The Outline of Programme for the Day was as follows:

1.Recap and Summarise

2. Africa Unite’s Frame Work for Systematisation

2.1 Institutional Support

2.2 Fine Tuning Framework of AU

3. Facilitation Team

4. Plan of Action – Design/Develop

5. Recap- Systematisation Process

5.1 Context

5.2 Retrieve/Reconstruct

5.3  Analysis and Interpretation

5.4 Communication/Share

6. Next Steps – Date, When, What, Why

7. Evaluation

Cape Town-20130614-01407All the above was covered  resulting in the meeting ending with next meeting on 28 June.  In this session Africa Unite will share some of the results of the implementation of the Plan of action, namely the desk top Review.

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