Systematisation Follow Up

On  28 June 2013 the systematization facilitation team met for the first time so as to allocate tasks and give feedback concerning the implementation of the process. However the team agreed that the process should be inclusive and allow other members who have went through the workshop to join in the discussion. The outline of the discussion was as follows

(i)                  minutes

(ii)                (ii) framework

(iii)               (iii) feedback from supervisor

(iv)              (iv) desktop study

(v)                (v) preliminary report

(vi)              (vi) overall plan.

Africa Unite office team alluded to what they had done, which was mainly desktop review of records such as minutes, reports, transport and activity financial reviews etc on the Human Rights Peer Education Programme. It was also agreed that there was need to have operational definitions of the words mentoring and supervision, and also stating their differences in relation to the process implementation. The team also suggested that it will be useful to get externals to represent these two variables i.e. supervision and mentoring.

The supervisor’s feedback included the need for the systemization team to be careful on presenting information as in some cases the data may seem words like more finance, more supervision should be avoided mostly. Supervisor also encouraged the team to collect all view points to make the activity sound and concrete, and making the process inclusive, hence an additional workshop seemed inevitable.

The team agreed that Shingai will be the coordinator of the activities listed on the preliminary report and overall. Most of the meetings time was taken on the preliminary report where individuals were given tasks, dates together with methods of collecting data and targets being made clear and explained. Some of the tasks included working on the introduction and background which is Royston’s task, interviews conducted by peer educators, structuring of questionnaires to be done by Nomsa, but however on this it was agreed that participatory action methodology training was needed as a capacity building initiative so as to equip the team and other members with the relevant skills of collecting information.

Hence all information-fieldwork and tasks suppose to be completed before the 26th of July as it was the scheduled meeting day with the facilitator to present the data. Furthermore, the facilitation team agreed that they will first have their briefing meeting on the 22nd of July before meeting up with the facilitator later.

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