Training: Public Speaking

The “Africa Unite” team hosted a training about public speaking skills on Monday the 8th of July at 6 Spin Street. Professor Ryan Solomon from Colgate University in the USA led the training. Africa Unite office staff, interns, and peer educators attended.

The themes included different strategies of speaking, elements of rhetoric, expressiveness, and how to reach the audience. Communicating effectively across individuals and cultures is crucial to being a good public speaker. He stressed the use of language as a tool of communication. For example, the word ‘love’ can be related to family, friendship, relationship, God and more. It is therefore important for a speaker to know what the audience understands about different language or expressions.

Additionally Prof. Solomon showed how important life experience is—not only for knowledge but also for understanding—when you talk to an audience. Storytelling can be a powerful strategy of public speaking. Attendees shared personal narratives to practice the communication of life experience, and for them observe how such sharing affects an audience.  After the workshop everyone seemed to be very open and motivated by each other. Prof Solomon encouraged trainees to seek out their own inspiration and resources to develop a personally successful public speaking style.

Thanks to Prof. Solomon for his time and insight. All of us at Africa Unite will remember that the best way to be a good public speaker is to have something important to say.

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