Workshop: Research Methods

Africa Unite board member Bea Abrahams held an introduction to basic research methods workshop on 10th July 2013 to fellow staffs, peer educators and interns. The workshop was held just below Africa Unite’s Office at 6 Spin Street, Cape Town.

blogParticipants were guided through topics such as the ethics of research, sampling practices, tenets of a questionnaire, and how to create a questionnaire. Throughout the workshop, uncertainties were brought up by the participants to help their understanding with the topic.

blog2The five hour workshop ended with a one-hour practical session where the room was split into three groups. Each group were tasked to apply what they have learnt previously and find possible improvements to a questionnaire presented – by finding possible new questions and also corrections that can be made to the current questions.

After the conclusion of the workshop, everyone remained enthusiastic to better master the researching skills. It was decided that a follow-up workshop on research would be held by Ms. Abrahams to help the Africa Unite team to be more proficient with this valuable skillset.

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