Refugee and Migrant Forum

On 10 July, two representatives from the Africa Unite team attended the Western Cape Refugee and Migrant Forum meeting this Wednesday. NGOs and Civil Society Organizations in Cape Town that work for the benefit of refugees and migrants in the city come together for forum meetings once every two months.  Attendees included the Cape Town Refugee Centre, ARESTA, and the UNHCR. The Scalabrini Centre hosted the meeting and facilitated a lively and productive discussion amongst stakeholders.

All groups expressed disappointment and frustration with the current state of the Refugee Reception Office. Civil Society continues to put pressure on the Department of Home Affairs until refugees in Cape Town can get their proper documentation swiftly and safely.

Forum members also focused on the challenges of the ongoing battle against xenophobia in South Africa. This issue remains a complex social ill that will take the concerted effort of civil society and the awareness of the general public to overcome.

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