Heideveld Human Rights Pt. 2

Hveld workshopOn Friday, 12 July, Africa Unite peer educators continued with their human rights awareness workshops in Heideveld at the Heidveld community library. Africa Unite took the initiative to incorporate and raise human rights education within the majority coloured community of Heideveld at the suggestion of a peer educator from the neighborhood. The workshop  attracted youth of different ages within the community. A number of adults were also present, which contributed to the participatory and inclusive atmosphere.

forblog2A number of relevant questions and comments were raised by the workshop participants as they tried to relate to the discourse of human rights to practice. One of the concerned youth asked how best the problems of violence and gangsterism in the community can be curbed using a human rights approach. The Africa Unite team urged the youth to take this learning opportunity as a stepping stone, and disseminate the human rights information to their peers and colleagues. This came as the second of three human rights workshops that are planned for Heideveld.

To see more of the workshop, click here.

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