Human Rights Workshop: Part 3

On the 17th July Africa Unite had a Human Rights workshop at the Heideveld Community Centre. This was the last of our recent series of workshops in Heideveld. A group of 25 people from the Heideveld region attended. The participants asked some pertinent questions, which made this workshop very engaging.


During the workshop one of the peer educators stressed the fact that education is a weapon to fight against poverty. In addition, possessing a decent educational background would help to better understand Human Rights and uphold the rule of law in the society. It was pointed out that Human Rights are universal, inalienable, indivisible, and interdependent and that Human Rights are available to everyone disregard of race, gender, ethnicity or religious belief.

P1020459Right to freedom of expression, right to privacy, right to practice religion and right to marry and have a family were some of the rights that were elaborated upon during the workshop. After the workshop one of the participants said, “Now I know what Human Rights is all about and I have learnt more about civil, socio-economic and political rights.”

Africa Unite was very pleased with the interaction of the participants, as they were constantly asking questions and wanted to point out their opinions.


The workshop reminds us of a very famous quote from the United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon “Human rights belong to every one of us without exception. But unless we know them, unless we demand they be respected, and unless we defend our right – and the right of others – to exercise them, they will be just words …”

Click here for more photos.

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