Farewell Jacqy…

Jacqueline Braslow will remain one of the missed interns at Africa Unite because of her team spirit, ability to incorporate fresh ideas and her passion to work with the youth. Jacky was central in most of the organizations activities and her participation contributed much to the success of many activities. She was involved in the Voice Africa Campaign on the post 2015 MDG’S, Why Vote? dialogue between the Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC), Cape Town youth and Africa Unite. She was also involved in the human rights programme where she participated in some community workshops together with Africa Unite’s Human Rights Peer Educators. Jacqueline expressed that being at Africa Unite helped to shape her career as a social scientist and the human rights programme offered at the organization came as an eye opener to her. Africa Unite wishes her all the best in her life journey and see a great potential in her. Jacqueline is from the United States of America and started her internship on the 20th of June to the 31st of July.Jacqueline 056

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