Farewell Sheren

IMG-20130909-00253On   15 July 2013 Africa Unite had the privilege of receiving a new intern from Mauritius by the name Sheren Govinden, a law student from Middlesex University (London) – Mauritius Branch Campus. Sheren offered fresh ideas and quickly got along with the rest of the staff at Africa Unite. Sheren was actively involved in the Voice Africa’s Future Campaign which aimed at collecting one hundred and fifty thousand voices of young people in Africa to shape the Post 2015 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Sheren had an impressive team spirit and interest in human rights education. He also took part and played an essential role in the Nelson Mandela Celebrations conducted by Africa Unite and helped to update the blog. Sheren had good work ethic, and professionalism was one of his many qualities. Sadly, on the 20th of September 2013 Sheren left the Africa Unite family, he will be missed by all peer educators and staff and we wish him a good deal success in his future plans.

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