Building Human Rights Culture Among Future Public Servants

Northling College 013 Northling College 018Africa Unite was invited on the 18TH of September by Northlink College Parow Campus to facilitate a human rights workshop. This workshop was initiated by the students themselves and the rational behind the invitation was mainly because most of the students present on the workshop are currently studying public administration and human rights knowledge is essential for their future endeavors. Soon most of them will be the faces and representatives of different municipalities, departments and other organizations, they alluded that human rights knowledge is key to them as it builds their capacity and regulates their behavior as future servants. Present at the workshop also was the City of Cape Town department of Water Conservation representatives and a number of lecturers from the host college.

During the workshop the facilitator covered the importance of human rights and its principles and how these rights apply to everyone including vulnerable groups such as women, children people of disabilities, elderly people and refugees. He also explained to the students the mandate of government in protecting and promoting human rights. A number of questions were raised from the floor, mainly in relation to political rights, the rights of migrants and refugees, difference between civil rights and human rights etc. There were also some interventions from the lectures who also gave contributions and questions in regards to the human rights discourse.

Through this workshop a partnership was created between Africa Unite and the Northlink College hence the students are currently busy designing a community project to be implemented on the 16 Days of Activism against Women and Children in November 2013.

Africa Unite is proud that one of the student organizers of this workshop- Jeffrey is a former Africa Unite youth human rights peer educator and currently member of the Student Representative Council at the Northing College.

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