Goodbye (Aurevoir) Yannick

On 31 August 2013 Yannick Mberi joined Africa Unite team as a new and first intern to join Africa Unite from France. She was quick to grasp important concepts and had a passion for human rights and community work. IMGP0738Apart from participating in human rights workshops she also assisted with administrative duties and used her skills and knowledge for computers to design and develop any computer related tasks. Yannick also played an integral role in the post 2015 MDG’s cam  IMGP0735paign promotional song video shooting done by Africa Unite’s peer educators.

 Africa Unite was privileged to have Yannick for the past few months as she was always ready to learn and share her ideas with others. Yannick also used his opportunity to improve her English both reading and writing.  She mentioned that she enjoyed her time and experience at Africa Unite and would like to continue raising human rights awareness in France and work with vulnerable groups. Yannick also added that she learnt a lot through attending human rights workshops and dialogues in the township.

 However, she finished her internship with Africa Unite on the the 22nd of November 2013 to return to France. Her presence was a great experience for peer educators and Africa Unite’s will greatly miss Yannick and wish her the very best of success in her future plans.yanik

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