Promoting Social Cohesion through Business Skills Programme

On Tuesday, the 13th May, Africa Unite held its first information session on the business skills program at the Gugulethu Sports Centre. This program is part of Africa Unite skills sharing project targeting young people from different backgrounds living in the local townships (refugees, migrants and locals).

The purpose of the information session was to:

  • Sebastian and Renske of Africa Unite busy, facilitating a session

    Sebastian and Renske of Africa Unite busy, facilitating a session

    • Inform first the young people who were recruited about the objectives of the program
  • Discuss how the saving scheme operates
  • Outline the expectations of Africa Unite towards the project.

Present were eleven of the selected young people and Africa Unite is expecting to run a similar session with another second group on the 15th of May.

Recognizing that much of the xenophobic tension that exists in the townships is the result of perceived economic disparity between South Africans and immigrants, this initiative will be able to break the barriers by bringing young people from various backgrounds together and practice a culture of savings and entrepreneurship.

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