Youth from Kenya and Zambia took part in our second edition of the Africa Exchange Program

As part of Africa Unite Exchange Programme which started last year and intends to bring more young people from other African Countries to attend its Annual Human Rights Peer Educators training in Cape Town- South Africa, we received a total of four young people, two respectively from Kenya and Zambia.

Harry Mhango From Zambia

Harry Mhango: From Zambia: Presentation

These young people came to join other selected youth from South Africa along with American students from the University of Connecticut during this training. The training was held from the 27th of February to the 1st of March 2015 at Goedgedacht Farm. After this weekend, these young people are encouraged to go back and hold similar trainings in order to raise Human Rights awareness in their respective communities/countries.

Grace S. Mageka From Kenya

Grace S. Mageka: From Kenya: Presentation

The young interns from Kenya and Zambia stayed for a period of one month after the training and they had a chance to be involved in community work along with other Africa Unite youth peer educators in Cape Town. Some of the activities they were involved in included facilitating human rights information sessions in different townships, attending meetings and events organised by Africa Unite such as the Human Rights Day Celebration event in Hanover Park.

Kelvin K Ndolo From Kenya

Kelvin K Ndolo: From Kenya: Presentation

It was a great learning opportunity for South African youth and their counterparts from other African Countries. Follow up activities and recommendations were made from both sides. The Exchange Program has been received very well by the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) in South Africa. The exchange peer educators had the opportunity to present their mandate and experience with Africa Unite to DIRCO’s parliamentary liaising officer in parliament. The department was excited with the work that Africa

Mwandwe Mwelwa

Mwandwe Mwelwa: From Zambia: Presentation

Unite is doing with young people in Africa as it geared towards promoting a peaceful and prosperous Africa which is both the vision of DIRCO and Africa Unite. They offered Africa Unite to bring the next exchange peer educators also to the parliament and make it part of the orientation for all the exchange peer educators who are going to come

Africa Exchange and local peer educators at the parliament.

Africa Exchange and local peer educators at the South African parliament.

For more information on Africa Exchange peer educators experiences, recommendations and future plans please click on their presentations next to their names. For more pictures on their time in Cape Town click here.

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