Farewell Anta


Anta doing her final presentation.

Africa Unite had to say goodbye to one of its intern Anta Basse Dial from Senegal student at the Institute of Economic and Social Development Studies (Paris I) in France.
Anta was with us for 5 months and had her final presentation on to 17th of September where she shared her experience with Africa Unite.
Anta adapted quickly and  got along with the rest of the staff and peer educators at Africa Unite. She was largely involved in the water and sanitation project which Africa Unite started initiating recently in ‘Europe Township’; Anta was instrumental in organising the women’s day event and other events hosted by Africa Unite. She also attended several events and meetings under Africa Unite.
She facilitated a few Human Rights sessions together with Africa Unite Peer Educators which involved youth and children in different communities.
She was very sociable, friendly, easy to work with and she had interest in local development and human rights education. Africa Unite family will miss Anta Basse and wishes her the best in her career and future prospects.

For more pictures click here.

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