Goodbye Olivia


Olivia doing her final presentation to the rest of the Africa Unite team and partners.

On the 23rd of September 2015 Africa Unite had to say goodbye to one of its interns, Olivia Kankaras, who is currently doing her Masters in Humanitarian Action at the University of Deusto, in Spain.
Olivia was with us for one month and had her final presentation on to 23rd of September where she shared her experience in Cape Town with Africa Unite.She adapted well and got along with the rest of the staff and peer educators at Africa Unite. She was largely instrumental in the planning of the heritage day event for Africa Unite in New Crossroads Township in Cape Town. During this planning period, Olivia also had an opportunity to popularize this event on community media platforms such as Bush Radio and Cape Town TV.

She showed good leadership qualities and responsibilities during her internship and her efforts largely contributed to the success of the heritage day event.
Olivia was friendly, easy to work and had an impressive work ethic spirit. Africa Unite family will miss her and wishes her the best in her career and future endeavors.

For pictures of Olivia’s Presentation click here.

To view her presentation click here

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