You do not need to be 50 years old to be a philanthropist!!

Elisabeth Winkin is a young girl from Belgium who joined Africa Unite in 2014 when she was 18 years old. During her stay with Africa Unite, she was involved in several activities such as our Africa Unite School Club, organising a youth flash mob on illicit financial flows, creating a round table discussion on youth involvement in the formulation of the


Elisabeth conducting cooking lessons with Singamakhalipa children in Gugulethu Township.

Sustainable Development Goals and she also organised cooking lessons with some children attending our Singamakhalipa Program in the township.

Following her stay in South Africa, she returned to Belgium where she is currently studying at Université de Liège (ULg). As she turned 20 years this year, instead of throwing a big party, she used this opportunity to present her experience and the activities


Elisabeth and her friends during the fundraising.

she undertook under Africa Unite. During this presentation Elisabeth also used this opportunity to raise funds with her friends and colleagues on behalf of Africa Unite.This generous action clearly shows us that you do not need to be 50 years old in order to become a philanthropist.

Africa Unite would like to thank Elisabeth and all the youth from Liège who made this contribution towards Africa Unite possible.  Elisabeth is joining other young Africa Unite philanthropists Jasmin Kuen (Austria), Anouk Veenstra (Netherlands), Siobhan O’Malley (USA), Emmanuelle Renault (France), Klaus Provaznik (Austria), and Joris ten Brink (Netherlands) who have in the past went back and popularised the vision and mission of Africa Unite in their respective countries.


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