Goodbye Emmanuelle, Johanna and Alexandra

Once again Africa Unite would like to give a special thanks to Emmanuelle Renault, Johaana Ahs and Alexandra Stonehouse who recently finished their internships in May 2016. Emmanuelle who is from France  was with us from September 2015 to May 2016. She was really outstanding and she became one of the key members of the Africa Unite team.  She was trained by Africa Unite alongside other local South African and African youth as a human rights peer educator in which she managed to facilitate a number of human rights information sessions in various disadvantaged communities.


Emmanuelle presenting her experience with Africa Unite.

Emmanuelle has a very long list of achievements, however one of those achievements include advocating for the rights of young girls and challenging abusive relationships in Blikkiesdorp informal settlement together with other Africa Unite peer educators. She was full of positive energy, a climate change activist and a very important all round team player as she was involved in all the day to day activities of Africa Unite including driving the organisation’s van.

Johanna who is from Sweden was equally impressive as she managed to achieve a lot in a short space of time.  She had a very mature  approach which made it very easy for her to work with people from all walks of life. She also has a big list of achievements,  some of these include being in charge of the Africa Unite High School clubs that are currently


Johanna presenting her experience with Africa Unite.

running in 5 high schools in Cape Town Township. The Africa Unite Clubs are meant to empower learners from various disadvantaged schools in townships in order for them to take leadership roles and boost their self esteem. She received a capacity building training on fundraising along with one of Africa Unite staff member in which they managed to organise a big fundraising event for one of our programmes  ( Singamakhalipha) that focuses on the rights of vulnerable children living in townships.

Alexandra who was born in South Africa and currently staying in Namibia and studying at the University of Cape Town quickly settled within the team very well. Though she only came to the office 2 days a week, her contribution was massive and proved to be very easy to work with. She  was involved in a number of projects and just like others she managed to achieve a lot in a short period. One of her highlights was conducting


Alexandra presenting her experience with Africa Unite.

interviews along with Africa Unite peer educators in Hanover Park and Delft Township for an impact assessment of our Community Conflict Mediation programme.Alexandra is  committed to social justice and she is big a gender activist. This was very clear as she managed to initiate and run a human rights session with a group of senior women in Hanover Park who are facing various challenges in their community.

Africa Unite will definitely miss the trio as they depart to their respective countries. As our tradition, they all promised to continue doing Africa Unite work and mentioned that this was not the last seeing them. Thank you once again  and we hope to see you soon back with us.

For more pictures of their presentations click here.

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