Singamakhalipha Children Rewarded

Singamakhalipha, a Programme of Africa Unite based in Gugulethu Township has provided psycho-social support to more than 200 orphans and vulnerable children in the areas of Nyanga, Kanana and an informal settlement called Europe Township. The program intends to help children develop their resilience and coping skills so that they can face a wide range of social problems such as domestic violence, alcohol abuse, poverty, HIV/AIDS, gangsterism and school dropout etc.


The children and parents celebrating the day by releasing baloons

To achieve its objectives, during this year 2016 the following activities were undertaken: Foundation Phase homework support, life skills programs, counselling, school holiday programs, child support groups and recreational activities (traditional dance, drama, art and sport). The programme also extended its services to the families of the children such as parenting skills, establishment of HIV/AIDS parents support groups and home visits.

We are slowly approaching the end the year and Singamakhalipha took this opportunity to honor its children and parents who took part in the above activities throughout the year. This was to encourage and motivate them to continue to be role models to other children and families. The event took place on Saturday the 26th of November 2016 at Elukhanyisweni Hall in Gugulethu. More than 70 people among them children, parents and guardians attended the event.


The four winners of Foundation Phase showing off their medals and certificates with their parents.

The categories of the awards given to the children and their parents were as follows:

  1. the most disciplined children with the highest attendance in the activities
  2. the most improved children in the Foundation Phase Tutorial classes and,
  3. the most supportive family to their own children in the programme.

All the selected children and parents were rewarded with a certificate of achievement. Contrary to the other two categories, four most improved children under the Foundation Phase tutorial classes received a certificate and an additional medal. The parents and guardians were proud to stand along their children while they were receiving the certificates from Singamakhalipha’s Manager. There were singing, applauding and releasing of balloons to celebrate this special moment.


One of the grandmother showing off the certificate of her grand daughter

This was a great moment for the children, parents and guardians as most of them left the hall with a smile on their face. They were also thankful to Singamakhalipha for this opportunity and agreed to continue to be ambassadors of the programme in their respective Townships. The event was concluded with a family lunch where the parents and children enjoyed.

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