Tasting our way through Africa and beyond: Celebrating Africa Day at Africa Unite

Here at Africa Unite, it’s not all work and no play. We manage to sneak in fun whenever we can!  

On Tuesday, 23rd of May 2017, Africa Unite and friends celebrated an early Africa Day. On this day people not only celebrate the African Union, but the idea of a united Africa and its diversity. We at Africa Unite took it a step further and used the festivities as a opportunity to recognize and value all the different nationalities – European, American and African –  that form the Africa Unite Family.

FOOD Celebrating Africa Day started in the early afternoon with all the staff members of Africa Unite and Africa Unite’s Singamakhalipha programme coming together at the main office in town. Everyone brought in home-made traditional dishes, and the food was arranged in the board room to form a mouthwatering international buffet.

With 12 countries and cultures represented, we had a huge variety of food ranging from Malawian mandasi, Austrian apple strudel, Capetonian cottage pie, Congolese fish and cassava leaf stew, to Xhosa umvupho, French crêpes, American “dirty rice” and many more tasty treats.  After everyone filled  their plates with the assorted delicious choices the buffet had to offer, we joined together around the table to enjoy the different flavours and aromas of our homes.

As part of the celebration of our diversity, everyone prepared a short presentation of their respective countries and cultures. While digging into the food, the presentations started. They varied from powerpoint presentations, visual contributions (like short videos), to vocal inputs such as traditional songs and even a short role playing skit. Participants wore traditional clothes to add special flair to the event.

Africa Day 1

Everyone is attentively listening to Priscilla’s presentation about the Warm Heart of Africa,  her home country Malawi.

To get an even better understanding of the different countries and cultures represented in the office, we were given the opportunity to have little discussions and ask questions for clarification.

Not only sharing food, but  laughter too, we really enjoyed each others’ company. Everyone appreciated the vibrant cultural atmosphere created by the mix of:


Fatimata in her traditional Fulani attire, about to try the traditional Xhosa drink Umqombhothi

Fulani Culture (Senegal) – Zimbabwe – Brittany Culture (France) – The Netherlands –  Xhosa Culture (South Africa) –  Malawi –  Austria/Vienna –  Martinique –  South Africa/Cape Flats –  Democratic Republic of Congo – Somalia – USA/California

The event helped to broaden the participants’ view about all the countries and cultures represented and sparked curiosity among the colleagues to pay a visit.

Overall, it was a successful Africa Day at the Africa Unite office, thanks to all that participated! To check out a few more pictures from the festivities, click here.

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