Africa Unite School Club Leadership Camp 2019

“Our emerging  leaders join us for a week of leadership training”

On the 24th -27th of March, we hosted our annual Africa Unite School Club Leadership camp at the Rotary Youth Club Camp in Glencairin in Simon’s town. It is here where we spent 4 days, laying out the foundation and grooming our youth leaders  to understand what the Africa School Club is about and what it is expected from them as club members

As per usual, we invited 7 cabinet members and 2 parliamentarians to join us for the leadership camp, and this year we had all 60 learners from our school clubs present at the camp; Masibambane Secondary School (Kraaifontein), Dr Nelson Mandela High School (Nyanga), Portlands High School (Mitchell’s Plain), Heideveld High School (Heideveld), Rosendaal High School (Delft), Ashton Combined School (Ashton) and  our new school club Hector Peterson High School (Kraaifontein). 

On the first night, the learners set out their expectations for the camp; these included growing their leadership skills, learning more about tackling the problems they face in their schools and communities and more on their roles and responsibility as club members determined to better their schools and communities and from there proceeded to map out their school and community and identify the different issues present. During this time, many of the schools mentioned drugs, alcohol, gangsters, teenage pregnancy, robberies, and insufficient school supplies to be major issues they face. Following this, the learners had to come up with ways to combat these issues along with which minister would tackle which issue. This was an ongoing process throughout the camp.

The following days, the club members were capacitated to their expected roles and responsibilities as portfolio holders and general club members. Thereafter, they were presentations on good leadership and addressing social issues such as climate change and cyber-bullying.

As an exercise to test their knowledge from their capacitation during the camp, learners were also given a project where they had to present about the Africa Unite School Club and what they would do if their club was given R50,000,000 by the “Minister of Basic Education” in a fun but practical way. It was during this that the learners  had to show off their leadership skills and how they would work as a team to improve their school.  As well as rationalise how they were going to tackle the issues they current face in their schools and communities. The criteria for this ranged from; creativity, knowledge on the school club and the organisation, practicality addressing the issues, as well as showing lobbying and advocacy skills. Here, Ashton Combined School in only their second year as club members, blew the judges away and took the 50,000,000 check.

Ashton Combined School, Winners of the 50,000,000 presentations.

Finally, on the last day of camp, the club planned  a year calendar which was inclusive of their activities of the year and the stakeholders they planned to work with in order to make these events a success.

Overall, the camp was a success, as we engaged and had fruitful conversations with  young leaders who are determined to change their schools and communities for the better. This was one of the most well-behaved group of learners, as everyone was very attentive to the presentations given and the tasks they were assigned to. The learners were very engaging, and  everyone was able to share and relate to the different topics discussed. Essentially, the learners seemed to fully understand their new roles in the club as well as what needs to be accomplished.

AUSC 2019

We would like to thank the principals of the schools for allowing their learners to be involved in such a program, the venue of the Rotary Youth Camp and Ms Praxia for catering for us throughout the 4 days. Thank you to the different facilitators who capacitated the future leaders of our country. 

And of course, thank you to all the learners who participated in the leadership camp.

We are looking forward to the upcoming year and foresee nothing but success in the events our club members will be organizing.

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