On the 13th of April 2019 Africa Unite School Club together with the University of Cape Town student run organisation; Student Health Welfare Centre Organisation (SHAWCO) Health partnered on an information sharing workshop at the SHAWCO Health Offices at the University of Cape Town’s Medical Campus . SHAWCO invited 6 Africa Unite’s School Club Ministers of Health and Environment as well as their 3 deputies. The following schools attended the workshop; Dr Nelson Mandela High School (Nyanga) , Hector Peterson High School (Kraaifontein), Masibambane Secondary School (Kraaifontein), Heideveld High School (Heideveld), Rosendaal High School (Delft) and Portland High School (Mitchell’s Plain).

The workshop was aimed at educating the ministers deeper regarding  health issues that affect local communities. Thus, creating a space which informs the ministers on how they can bring about health change within their school and communities.

The workshop began with general introductions where the SHAWCO team introduced themselves and what they stand for as an organisation. They further elaborated on how they continue to assist local communities regarding health issues.

As the educational program continued, the SHAWCO team explained the difference between health promotion and health education so that the ministers could get a better understanding between the two. This aids them to decide on the kind of projects they would want to coordinate  to address health issues in their respective schools or communities.

The workshop also focused on addressing diseases such as High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and HIV and Aids. Following this, the club members were tested on what they had learned throughout the day as SHAWCO conducted a quiz which addressed the topics they had covered.

The following questions were asked:

  • What is HIV and AIDS?
  • How does HIV and AIDS affect the human body?
  • How can people be infected by HIV or how can people pass on HIV?
  • How to monitor HIV and AIDS?
  • Which steps may a person who is infected by HIV take?

Furthermore, what stood out throughout the workshop was the reaction of the club members towards the topics that were discussed. As they had enthusiasm throughout the whole session, therefore absorbing all the information relied to them.

An outcome to this workshop was the determination to spread the information they gained at the workshop. As the ministers vowed that they will commit themselves to creating awareness campaigns related to health and environment in their respective schools and communities.

We would like to thank SHAWCO Health for inviting our club members to such an informative workshop.

For more information on SHAWCO Health please visit,

For more pictures of the event please click here:


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