30 Seconds Tournament Fundraiser for the Africa Unite School Club.

Africa Unite relies heavily on donations to continue operating the School Club. Therefore, on the 2nd of August we hosted a 30-seconds tournament as a fundraiser at Seedspace on 8 Spin Street, Cape Town. Ultimately, during the fundraising 100% of the proceeds will go towards School Club operations for the rest of the year.

Participants could buy the R50 tickets online, or at the door, and there were refreshments for sale throughout the event. Teams of 4 could enter the tournament and played 30 seconds against each of the other teams which had yet to lose a game, until there was only one team left.

Participants of the 30 Second Tournament

 The evening went well, with around 60 people participating in the tournament. Our online ticket page had 98 visitors over the time of its active operation, with 58 people coming straight from the link we forwarded. 14 people found the page through google, 14 through Facebook, and 2 through Instagram. From these hits on the site, we sold 12 tickets, and two people made donations, this all came to a total of R624. This should bring the online total to R596, because Quicket charges 4.5% of the revenue to NGOs for the use of their online payment services. In terms of at the door and refreshment sales, we made R4850. Therefore the event, in total, grossed R5446. However, it cost AU R600 to host the event, therefore the amount raised towards the running of Africa Unite’s school club came to: R4846.

Overall, people had a great time, and when guests were leaving many recommended that it be a reoccurring event.

Teams playing cards as they waited for the results

A big thank you needs to go to all the organisations who made this evening possible. Seedspace, a start-up hub and co-working space located in the CBD on the historical Church Square, who generously allowed us to host our event in their venue; Springfield Winery, Robertson Winery, Rooiberg Winery, and Saggy Stone Brewery, for the refreshments that they donated; and finally all those who chose to attend and buy tickets, because without their generosity there would have been no event.

The money raised will be put towards all the operations of the school clubs in the coming months, all of which will be posted on this blog if you want to keep up with the activities and programmes run by the learners in their communities.    

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