03 September 2019
Press Statement
Immediate release

We have been watching the violence and looting of foreign owned-businesses over the past few weeks across South Africa, first in KwaZulu Natal, Pretoria and now in Johannesburg with despair. We write as concerned Civil Society Organisation’s, (the African Diaspora and Africa Unite), about the state of affairs in the country and the absence of a voice that stands out conspicuously amongst the rest especially from government and the Head of State.

Mr President, it is our view that if the nation is not assured that the government and not criminals are in charge, a lot will be sacrificed. The continued unabated attacks on the lives and property of migrant communities without decisive action and guidance from the government and particularly the Head of State, is not only seen in mala fides, it is perceived to be sending a message that says let the people continue and accomplish that which government could not accomplish through its own hand.

We have seen over the years that xenophobic incidents and looting are often preceded by utterances by political leaders who say South Africa is flooded with migrants and blame foreign nationals for crimes and other illegal activities. These attacks Mr. President will destabilize the last hope of Africa, this is not what we want at all. We do not see that committed approach from this administration to deal with these Afrophobic attacks. We are further worried about the loss of lives with figures rising every day and more chaos with the looting of property belonging to migrants including the destabilisation of businesses and the whole economic system.

We are humbly asking Mr. President to help ensure that migrant lives matter like any other life.

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