Following our appeal dated 13th April 2020

Africa Unite is happy to announce that we managed to secure temporary accommodation for Rosy and her Family.

Days of hard work finally paid off when we were able to find a proper place for the family in Delft, Cape Town. During our search, several stakeholders replied to our appeal willing to help the family. A genuine heart-warming gesture. The family received assistance through donations and necessary baby supplies, blankets, mattresses, etc. from a variety of people interested in the cause. The contributions were highly appreciated, especially in this period of general lockdown.

Rosy and her family

Rosy and her new-born baby were officially discharged from the hospital on the 22nd of April 2020. Members of our team safely transported the family from the hospital to their new place in Delft, Cape Town. The collected donations were given to the family and it was truly touching to witness their gratitude. Through mutual effort, we can protect the most vulnerable together.

We continue to help the family by looking for a permanent residence where the entire family can be together.

Rosy and her baby

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the good Samaritans that laid a hand during this trying time for Rosy and her family.

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Human Rights Development officer at Africa Unite, Pan Africanist, Christian and avid adventurer
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