War Room Meeting – Africa Unite KZN Office

On the 12th of May 2021, one of Africa Unite Staff members attended the War Room meeting in ward 38.

The war room is a community meeting that aims to gather stakeholders and the community to discuss issues of the community. The war room meeting is conducted monthly and for May the focus was more on what can be done to curb the crime and killings issues in the community.

Source: War Rooms: An Alternative To Ward Committees?, Sikhander Coopoo, Afesis Corplan

During the meeting, we looked at the current issues faced by the community, possible solutions, and the stakeholders to be involved. One of the issues that were raised by the war room convener was that departments do not attend the war room even if they are invited, which makes it hard for the war room to address issues because the issues that are raised by the community require some department interventions. Department such as Housing, Home Affairs, water, and electricity are not attending these meetings and most issues that are coming to the war room are their issues.

Department of Health reported that the registrations for vaccination for people over the age of 60 years have started and members of the community were encouraged to inform and assist old people to register for vaccination that will happen at Princess Magogo Stadium. Also, the crime awareness was proposed to be done but the Ward Councilor was tasked to gather the team that will plan the program.

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