Africa Unite organized a hike to Lion’s Head as part of a team spirit exercise. On May 22nd, staff members, peer educators, interns, and friends of AU gathered to take up the challenge.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Hiking can be a true challenge, both on a personal level and as a team effort. Indeed, beyond being a physical activity, it also requires working together because not everyone goes at the same speed. For example, someone who walks fast has to know when to lead and when to help others keep going and not give up, which is exactly what happened to us that day. Throughout this hike, we had time to connect and develop a strong team spirit. Everyone went all the way to the top even if it was harder for some people than for others. In the end, the view and the feeling of pride for the whole team for not giving up and staying positive the whole day were worth it all.  

Leader, Youth Radio Program coordinator, also joined the 14 participants to conduct some interviews along the way. With the help of Mihle, he asked them questions about their expectations and feelings about the hike. You will be able to hear it all on Africa Unite Youth Radio very soon!

A whole day of hiking

What was supposed to be a morning hike ended up being a day-long outing! How did this happen you may ask? Well, here it goes. On Saturday, May 22nd we all met up at Africa Unite’s office at 8 am to go to the meeting point together, which was at The Glen Tree Circle. Early but happy! Once everyone had arrived and the final preparations had been made, we finally left. But that was only the beginning of this adventure. We did indeed have some twists and turns with the van, which was struggling to support our weight on the hills… But it was all greeted with good humor by the whole team! We finally started the hike at 10 am, on a path which was still in the morning shades. We walked our way through that side of the mountains, enjoying a view that can’t be seen from Lion’s Head. We were having such a great time together that no one realized we hiked further than necessary on the path to Signal Hill!! We then had to backtrack, but don’t worry we found our way back to Lion’s Head. As a team, we decided to keep going even if it meant walking more than what we expected. So we continued our way joyfully, cheering each other up! After everyone finally reached the top of Lion’s Head, we took the time to enjoy this amazing view under the warm sun. Dear reader, that’s how we ended up coming back at 5 pm. Instead of having a brunch together afterwards, we enjoyed some pizzas as our dinner. But that day was so great, we will only keep great memories!

Congratulations to all of our hikers who came to Africa Unite Team Building Hike! It was truly amazing to see the team spirit arose as we were making our way to Lion’s Head. You can be proud of yourselves. We are looking forward to our next adventures together!!

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