Ward 65 (Burlington) Youth Month Program

On the 12th of June 2021, Africa Unite in partnership with Ngcweti Organization conducted a youth month program in Burlington to commemorate the youth month and also engaging in the challenges young people are facing in the community. The dialogue was attended by 45 people including Ward Councillor and eThekwini municipality.

The dialogue created a platform for young people to engage on issues such as lack of skills, substance abuse, crime, unemployment, and lack of infrastructure to be used by young people in terms of developing themselves and even the place that can be the information center for young people.

From exploring their challenges, young people agreed that they need a resource center as the first step of changing the lives of young people.

The center can be used as the information center, computer center, and also they can be able to conduct information sessions in the center.

Briefly, the activity seeks to run long-term community development programs as the area was neglected with poor service delivery leaving most young people vulnerable and idle. Hence, the platform served as the first step towards addressing socio-economic challenges faced by youth in the area. Through tackling each social ill head-on, young people believe that their community will be transformed.

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