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HERITAGE DAY Cultural information session – Africa Unite KZN Office

After the unrest, Phoenix Massacre, and the follow-up consultations conducted by Africa Unite peer educators in Phoenix. On the 17th of September 2021, Africa Unite partnered with A women’s Pacts Organisation to conduct a Celebration of diversity focusing more on … Continue reading

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Peer Educator Gathering – Africa Unite KZN Office

On the 10th of September 2021 one of Africa Unite KZN conducted a Peer educator gathering with the newly trained peer educators at the AU KZN office. The Aim of the gathering was to check on the progress since they … Continue reading

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Conflict mediations follow up on the KZN Unrest and Phoenix Massacre

Following the unrest that happened in KZN in July month, Africa Unite peer educators conducted consultation follow-ups in the affected areas. The consultations aimed at building relations between different groups/races and influential key local community members to get they buy … Continue reading

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Cape Town School Learners Empowered with Social Emotional Learning

Many studies show that the COVID‑19 crisis has significantly impacted young people’s mental health. Symptoms of anxiety and depression have risen dramatically among young people and remain higher than pre-crisis levels even with the partial re-opening of schools and the … Continue reading

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