Africa Unite Book Launch: Complex pasts, Diverse futures

On Thursday, March 17, 2022, Africa Unite launched a book called Complex pasts, Diverse futures. This book contains poems and art from Africa’s youth to pour down their thoughts and emotions on paper to process what they are going through in this country. This event took place at Bertha House, Mowbray. This event was significant to give the youth of Africa the attention and recognition they deserve.

The event was followed by poets Lona Sotondoshe, Natasha Muberuka and Karolyn Mujinga who presented their poems and letter. In addition, the poets were able to share their challenges and explain the meaning behind their poetry. It was a teachable moment for all the guests.  Furthermore, the event was followed by guest speaker Ms. Zena Nair, an Attorney and Human Rights Lawyer. She talks about listening and letting the youth participate more in social activities. Youth are the future, so it’s time to hear their voices. Mrs, Phillippa Kabali-Kagwa was also a guest speaker. She mentions that writing is an important skill. Words can make a difference; they can uplift us or render us powerless. Youth need to remember that they belong everywhere; stop looking where you don’t belong and start looking at the places you belong.

The event was then closed off by a motivational piece on the importance that social cohesion does exist. Young people from different backgrounds and life journeys came together and created a book to share the challenges they are facing in South Africa. This book does not only contain poetry written by young people, but it’s also a book bringing awareness to human rights issues that are current in South African society. In conclusion, the event was to share the stories of young Africans and give them a platform to amplify their voices. To make sure that they are finally heard by members of their community. They received a standing ovation from the guests. Africa Unite will continue to create a movement for young people to speak. This is only the beginning of a beautiful partnership

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