On Monday, the 2nd of May 2022, MAR’s Youth Movement met at the Africa Unite office around 10 am. First, we all introduced ourselves to those who did not attempt the camp in March and were allocated in 4 groups. The theme of the day was Nature and we started the day with a game called “Thorns, Buds, and Roses”. One at a time, we had to talk about a challenge we faced (the thorn), something we were looking forward to (the bud), and a success we lived (the rose).

Once we had all been heard, we went to the Company Garden to discuss the tree of the movement :

– Roots = Values

– Trunk = Mission

– Branches = Vision

– Leaves = Outcomes

Each group draw a tree and wrote what they considered necessary to the movement.

We also discussed a membership form and the rules and regulations form we were given if we wanted to change some points.

We then all met in a big group to present our tree to the other groups and agree on our new name, slogan, logo, values, mission, vision, and objectives.

That is what we finally agreed on :

  •  The name: MAR’s Youth Movement -> Migrants. Asylum seekers. Refugees’ Youth Movement
  •  The slogan: MARC A CHANGE -> Migrants, Asylum seekers & Refugees Creating A CHANGE
  •  The logo: the colors are still in discussion and might change
  •  The values : Teamwork ; Integrity ; Equality ; Commitment ; Accountability
  •  The vision: Enhancing the quality of lives in communities and beyond
  •  The mission: To educate migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees about their rights and to collaborate with other organizations

We finally voted on a steering committee with a chairperson, a deputy chairperson, a secretary, and mediators.

Each group will soon have a meeting with the director to talk about their progress.

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Human Rights Development officer at Africa Unite, Pan Africanist, Christian and avid adventurer
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