Africa Unite School Club visits Western Cape Provincial Parliament

Africa Unite School Club is designed to mimic national government with 7 portfolio positions (President, Minister of Finance, Minister of Sports Culture and Entertainment, Minister of Health and Environment, Minister of Information and Public Relations, Minister of Education, and Minister of Social Development.

On the 5th and 6th of July 2022, the Africa Unite School Club visited the Western Cape Provincial Parliament. The purpose of the outing was to bring the youth closer to information about democracy, the South African Constitution, Human Rights, Spheres of
Government, and Arms of the State.

After a warm welcome, the AUSC members were allowed into the provincial chamber where the Premier and Provincial Members of Parliament including Provincial Ministers (MECs) gather during Parliamentary sessions. The facilitators explained how the Provincial Legislature operates and which political parties occupy seats in the chamber. We also went into detail on how members of Parliament are elected by citizens and how that determines how many several seats a political party may occupy in the chamber.
This was followed by a group discussion on the type of democratic system that is used in South Africa and how the different arms of the state work together to ensure all democratic principles are adhered to. Furthermore, we also had an open discussion on how the 3 spheres of government (National, Provincial and local) provide services to the public.

The AUSC members were then tasked with an activity where they were divided into groups and had to discuss and present ideas on the part of the Judiciary, the executive, or the legislature, how and what type of change would they introduce in the country.

The AUSC members further expressed that the experience was a great eye-opener for them as they gained knowledge on crucial information. They explained that they were enlightened as they are now aware of the important role that the National and Provincial Parliament have in our democracy, as well as how the public (citizens) also influence governance.
The AUSC members as well as the AUSC team appreciate the Western Cape Provincial Parliament for presenting such an opportunity to young people normally not exposed to such information.

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