Enhancing MAR’s Youth

A creative social media workshop

On the 17th of September, the Movement Building Programme by Africa Unite held a workshop on Social Media for the MAR’s (standing for Migrants, Asylum seekers and Refugees) Youth, which took place at the Africa Unite Office in Cape Town. A total of 14 MAR’s members attended, as well as 3 staff members from Africa Unite. The purpose of the workshop was to raise social media awareness and to show the Youth how Movements can use social media effectively to promote their Movement.

The workshop started with an introduction round and food for everyone. It continued with a short interactive presentation about social media which included a case study about Greenpeace Africa as active user on social platforms. The issues discussed how the MAR’s Youth can improve their social media presence and to make up a strategy and structure.

After the presentation the members split up into groups of four to answer following questions: Why is social media important and what are the problems within the MAR’s social media platforms. Moreover, they had to find solutions to re-alive their social media pages. The identified problems were inconsistency and a lack of content, no team communication and a lack of engagement and support on side of every member. As solutions the MAR’s members presented that the members themselves have to support, like, and share their content way more. In addition, they want to improve their page appearance by making it look more appealing, and organized. This could be emphasized by creating introductory videos which could also be used as content. Further they plan to collaborate with organizations, and movements with the same aim and vision. The MAR’s members want to post two times a week, and have a better communication structure within their movement. 

Finally, the MAR’s Youth got together in their Commissions and discussed about future content. They gathered a lot of ideas and participated in the making of a TikTok video in the end. In all, the workshop was positively received, and it was clearly, that every member has recognized the poor social media presence but has the willingness to change it. The Youth had many ideas and we, as Africa Unite, are excited to see their progress in establishing a sustainable social media presence. 

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