Women leading in Good Governance

10 Women from 6 countries attended the workshop event on the 10th of September 2022 at Africa unite offices in the Cape town office at Spin Street. Facilitated by Mira Modise, assisted by Ashley Makore, and coordinated by Lidia Matabaro. The good governance workshop was developed to capacitate Tusimame Wanawake women on how to structure, lead and govern a social movement.

The workshop started with an emphasis on the movement’s vision, mission, and objectives as a reminder to older members and an introduction to the new members. Then the facilitator led a discussion on the characteristics and challenges of a movement which are the self-governance, lobbying of people, voluntariness of the participation, and how volatile it is to mention a few. To emphasise how important it is to have a strong foundation for the movement, commitment, and consistency.  

The facilitator also introduced activities that made the women realise that they were all leaders with unique leadership skills they can bring to the commissions. With regards to the movement, the facilitator explained the various phases a movement goes through which are forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning. The women all agreed that we were moving past the storming stage (conflict) and were moving to the norming stage which meant the confusion and uncertainty were resolved and everyone was getting to know their role and place in the movement.

The individual commissions were tasked with choosing a leader who will become part of the steering committee to encourage accountability. With this in mind the movement was challenged and tasked with designing a structure so that there is clear communication and accountability flow and, in the structure, they should incorporate Africa Unite so they can fulfil their role without uncertainty. The women were encouraged to open a bank account, identify personnel that will write reports, and mediate conflicts so they can be trained if there is a need.

The workshop was a success as it set the movement in motion, equipped the women with knowledge of good governance and instilled a sense of self-confidence in women as leaders. The women realised they were leaders and had a role to play in the movement through various commissions. The various commissions met in groups and identified problems related to their commissions and activities they would do as commissions to address those processes.

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