No to Xenophobia! Yes to Solidarity! 

Solidarity Walk

On the 2nd of December 2022 Human Rights Project Development Officer, Lelethu Nogwavu and interns Pascale Koczy and Jette Koch attended a Solidarity Walk themed “Creating cohesive communities”. The walk was a collective act of solidarity for all people in our neighborhood and city who call Cape Town home.  

The main purpose of the event was to retrace – and erase – the steps of the march and follow examples of community action in Philippi, Brixton (Jhb) and other neighborhoods.  The Walk was culminated in the handing-over of a Letter of Support and Solidarity to the Groote Schuur administration and expressed our gratitude for the incredible work of health care workers. This was a response to the demonstration of Operation Dudula on the 12th of November 2022. Dudula marched from the Mowbray taxi rank to Groote Schuur to hand over their demands to the hospital administration. They left fear, threats, and Xenophobia in their wake.

The Mowbray and Rosebank neighborhoods made it clear: Dudula and others who foment Xenophobia do not speak for us. Which is why a Solidarity Walk was held on the 2nd of December 2022. The solidarity walk will retrace and erase the steps of Dudula’s march. And in the process follow examples of community action in Philippi, Brixton (Jhb) and other neighborhoods. With the slogan “No to Xenophobia, Yes to Solidarity”. The demonstration took place to celebrate the neighborhood’s proud diversity, strengthen community cohesion, and combat all forms of xenophobia. The march ended with a delivery of a letter of support and solidarity to the Groote Schuur administration, expressing gratitude for the incredible work of the health staff. Several other organizations and concerned residents were part of the Solidarity Walk. In total, about 80 people participated and stood in Solidarity against Xenophobia.

Organized by the Mowbray and Rosebank Community Action Network (CAN), the march was supported and endorsed by the Scalabrini Centre in Cape Town, Sonke Gender Justice, Global South against Xenophobia, Congolese Civil Society in South Africa, Trust for Community Outreach and Education, St. Peter’s Anglican Church in Mowbray and Africa Unite, as a countermovement to the march.

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