We say not o abuse – Your silence will not protect you. Act now!

A dialogue discussion about Gender-Based Violence and Abuse

On the 30th of November 2022, a dialogue discussion on the topic of Gender-Based Violence and child abuse was hosted at Europe Township. Guest speakers were members of SAPS in Gugulethu (Constable Homani and Sergeant Jokani), a member of the Gugulethu Community Policing Forum (Linda Kabeni), and Mam’ Noclaremont who is a leading member of the community committee in Europe township. 

The event was held as part of the 16 Days of Activism of No Violence against women and Children campaign. The 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence and the violence against children is an annual international campaign that begins this year on November 25 and runs through December 10th. It is used by individuals and organizations around the world as an organizing strategy to call for the prevention and elimination of violence against women and children. Gender-based violence, especially sexual abuse is a disturbing and an escalating challenge in South Africa. It is reported that at least 10,818 cases of rape were recorded in the first three months of 2022 alone. Additionally, statistics show that one in five children is a victim of sexual abuse, and one in five women experienced physical violence by a partner.

Africa Unite used this time of the international campaign to join in effort raising We as Africa Unite want to use the 16 Days of Activism to raise awareness, educate and empower on this important issue. We want to spread the message “We say not o abuse – Your silence will not protect you. Act now!” in Europe Township. The event was planned together with the teenagers from Europe Township. Posters were made, life stories were shared and an short play on Gender Based Violence was performed.

The Guest speakers shared more knowledge on the topic and explained their roles in assisting community curb this violence. In total there were about 60 participants. The Africa Unite social worker (Zukelwa Dladla) who works in the area also shared her experience working with the children from the area. In her speech she condemned all forms of sexual violence against women and children and discouraged members of the community from laughing or belittling the impact of verbal sexual abuse on childrenVerbal sexual abuse is a type of abuse that encompasses the use of spoken or written words to express, evoke, or imply sexual content

It was also pointed out how important it is that all children or women who are victims of abuse and violence receive support and services to help them cope.

So, if you are a woman and you are being abused or you have been abused don’t be quiet. Stand and fight. Because if you keep quiet you will suffer inside.” – Oyama Ndamase 14-year-old girl from Europe Township.

A strong support system can give children hope and encouragement while they put the pieces of their lives back together again. In cases of abuse:

  • Find an adult you can trust and tell her/ him what happened
  • Tell your best friend so that he or she can support you
  • Contact a social worker
  • Contact your school principal
  • Report all cases of rape, sexual assault or any form of violence to a local police station 
  • or call the toll-free Crime Stop number: 086 00 10111.

“With these words I say stop Gender-Based Violence and child abuse!” –  Endinako Bikwe a 14-year-old girl from Europe Township.

To protect the children who are the future of the country we as Africa Unite also want to draw attention to our program Child abuse awareness. The Child Abuse Awareness program is offered to parents and children. It focuses on teaching both, children, and adults the different forms of prevention of abuse and neglect. For more information, please contact our social worker zukelwa@africaunite.org.za 

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