Young today, Leaders tomorrow

Leadership training 

On Friday, the 1st of December 2022, Africa Unite held a Leadership Workshop for the MAR’s Youth. At Bertha House, staff members Lidia Matabaro, Mira Modise and interns Jette and Pascale meet up with 15 young leaders from the MAR’s movement to talk about the complex dimensions of leadership and leadership styles. 

Through a survey, which the participants had to fill out independently beforehand, they could already find out how they would classify themselves. Well-developed styles, styles that need some further development or styles that need a lot further development.

The session started with refreshments and continued with feedback on the survey. Afterwards the young leaders got into their commissions to talk about everyone’s role within the movement. A game was played next, so that the MAR’s members got to know their personal leadership behaviour. One burning issue was the aspect of constructive criticism and how and if one can handle it. Further, leadership tips were given, and the youth had to compare it to their movement and how to apply those tips. At the end, handouts were distributed to ensure the new learnt keeps close to their minds. 

All in all, the workshop was positively received, and every member had the opportunity to learn more about themselves, their weaknesses and strengths regarding leadership and being part of a team and movement. It is good to keep working on oneself and we, as Africa Unite, are excited to see their progress in becoming the leaders the futures generations are in need for. 

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