Report on the Meeting with HIAS

On the 13th of February 2023, a meeting was held at the Africa Unite office [Cape
Town location], where we were visited by representatives from the Hebrew Immigrant
Aid Society (HIAS).

The meeting was attended by Meshach Hobwane, who is a member of UNHCR,
3 representatives from HIAS, namely: Mark Hetfield [President and CEO], Lucy
W. Kiama [Deputy Regional Director Africa/EursAia], and Melonee Douglas [VP
of Humanitarian Partnership, Policy & Practice], delegates from the African
Church Leaders Forum, and delegates from the MARs movement, as well as the
Africa Unite staff.

The main goals of HIAS’s work are to support refugees and asylum seekers’
fundamental rights so they can reconstruct their lives while also providing them
with essential assistance worldwide. Advocating for refugee rights, resettling
refugees, and fostering economic inclusion are some of HIAS’s focus areas.
The meeting’s objective was to promote awareness of the work done by the
MARs movement and religious leaders under the auspices of Africa Unite.
Both the church leaders, and MARs delegates gave presentations that were
essential to the meeting’s purpose. They described the nature of the work done
by their different groups, emphasized their major successes, and discussed
future goals.

The meeting was a success since the HIAS representatives expressed
tremendous satisfaction with the work that the two movement organizations do
and a strong desire in maybe working together with them in the near future.
Africa Unite looks forward to future collaborations with HIAS!

~ Basetsane Mosia

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