AU School Leadership Club: Gardens Commercial Secondary School

During the past couple of weeks, our team facilitated the elections and inauguration of Gardens Commercial Secondary School Club. We are proud to present the GCSC cabinet of 2023. 

These learners bravely presented their campaign speeches in front of the rest of the club. Deputies for each position were determined by the second highest vote count on the ballot. Since there were a few uncontested positions, the deputies for these ministers (and president), have yet to be determined and will be nominated by the learner elected to the high position and voted on by the rest of the club for confirmation of assignment. 

From Left: President Mihlali Mbenyane, Minister of Education Jameelah Biyoko, Minister of Sports, Arts, Culture and Entertainment Sesethu Gqirana, Minister of Social Development Zukhanye Tuswa, Minister of Information and Public Relations Wangisani Mpotalinga, and Minister of Finance Laura Kadare. Not available for the photo was Minister of Health and Environment Unam Gogo. 

Following inaugurations, learners were encouraged to brainstorm events and fundraisers for the year outside of School Club meetings and without the guidance of our team. Cabinet Madame President, Mihlali Mbenyane, was instrumental in the pre-planning of this year’s calendar and shows clear and natural leadership skills even before the annual leadership camp in April. 

On 27 February, our team initiated the first formal meeting for Calendar building at Gardens Commercial where cabinet members and parliamentarians alike were split into portfolio committees according to minister categories to collaborate and refine the ideas they had come up with separately. For example, the minister and deputy of the finance portfolio led their parliamentarians in brainstorming and planning fundraisers for upcoming months. Learners then presented to the rest of the school club the ideas they had for the year and in which months they would like to hold the events mentioned. On 1 March, the learners finished presenting their ideas for events and were shown why it is important for them to discuss club events and activities as a group. Some forecasted months held many events while some held none at all, and some portfolio groups came up with the same ideas as others (thus they were encouraged to collaborate to make the event or day more impactful and better organized). 

Although the club’s cabinet and parliamentarians are an incredibly capable group of learners, we at AUSLC understand that learners often need guidance with internal communication. Presenting ideas to the rest of the club is also intimidating for many learners, and therefore, it is easier for the learners to be proactive with their calendar building if we are there to facilitate. 

After going to leadership camp in April, the cabinet, with the help of their parliamentarians, will narrow down the current calendar of events and specify details of each in order to more efficiently effect them throughout the year. 

The whole Africa Unite team is looking forward to seeing what the Gardens Commercial School Club will do this year for themselves and their school community!

  • – Rachel Lee
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