“Africa Unite School Club Alumni’s celebrate their Successful Matriculation”

After sleepless nights and constant study sessions, our Africa Unite School Club (AUSC) matriculants have risen above and are among the thousands of South African grade 12 learners who were  victorious in passing their National Senior Certificate.  

With such an achievement, the organization invited our now alumni school club leaders  to our Cape Town office to commemorate them for the achievement on Thursday the 17th of January 2019. Throughout the visit, the AUSC alumni expressed their joy in successfully completing  this chapter of their lives and later expressed their future career prospective.

Moreover, it was with great joy to hear the alumni express how the Africa Unite School Club has helped them throughout the years. Not only through exposing them to innovative ways in which they can help their schools and community’s development, but also helping them realize their true potential through exploring skills they were taught throughout their membership. Similarly, the students further expressed how the program has, to an extent, shaped their prospective career paths. Nelisa Fusa; ex-president of Masibambane Secondary High School (a school in Kraaifontein, Western Cape) stated  The Africa Unite School Club actually made me develop a passion for social work, a career which I didn’t think I was even interested in before. Originally, all I was interested in was being the minister of sport but ended up getting the minister of health portfolio, which may have triggered my interest in social work. These are the type of testaments which we aim to receive more regarding the influence of the AUSC.

Additionally, there was an open dialogue initiated by the learners on how we can improve the program, with them advocating for the program to be extended to more schools so more students could gain the rewarding experience they also received. This was a suggestion which was not just limited to the borders of South Africa but suggested expanding into international waters to spread the same human rights culture which they have learned and now have ingrained in their everyday lives. As an organisation which prides itself on growth, we enjoyed every minute of this fruitful conversation.

Following our prolific conversation at our Cape Town office, we then took our victorious matriculants out to celebratory lunch at V & A Waterfront in Cape Town. Throughout this experience, the table buzzed with joy and laughter as the alumni shared their most memorable moments of the program. The stories ranged from the funny moments experienced at their first camp which was where they first  united, thereafter allowing  them to form friendships which they will cherish forever. To the old age home visit, they organized in 2017. One AUSC alumni member expressed I’ve never done anything like that before, after seeing how happy the elderly was when we came to assist them for the day, I truly understood papa Zoe’s saying of it is the little things which make a difference”. This reminded us as an organization that the program isn’t only structured to help the children escape being captured by the normalized culture of violence, poverty and immense marginalization, but  it is to also groom our young leaders on developing a mentality of remembering our roots and helping our community even after we have mentally liberated ourselves from this marginalization. Henceforth, also echoing  the notion of “My school, My community, My community, My home” ,as throughout that visit, the learners were helping the foundations of their home.

Ultimately, we were very pleased with the proceedings of the day, and we are  over joyed by the AUSC members pride in participating in the program.

 We wish our matriculants all the best for this journey they about to embark on. May the human rights culture continue brewing within them.

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