Upcoming Social Dialogues and Mediations

Africa Unite has a two upcoming social dialogues/mediations in the month of July.

1. Gugulethu Dialogue on Gang Activity (July 6th, 2012)

Africa Unite was recently approached by members of the Gugulethu community to help assist with a workshop/dialogue on the increased gang activity by young people aged 13-23. Various community groups will be assisting with the meeting with approximately 50 gang members in an effort to inspire peace in Gugulethu. Full coverage of the event will be posted after the 6th.

2. Continued Mbekweni Mediation (Date TBA)

Africa Unite has been helping with the mediation between foreign owned shops and locals in Mbekweni and is planning to hold another mediation and dialogue between the two groups. The shop owners have agreed to meet with the concerned locals, and Africa Unite will be organising and facilitating the meeting. The exact date will be announced in the coming weeks. Check back for more information soon.

Our Facebook and Twitter will continue to have up to date information on all things Africa Unite.

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