The 17th of February, Africa Unite school club team went to Salt River Secondary school in order to announce the 7 members of the new cabinet of 2023. In accordance with proper governmental procedure, inauguration is the last step after first holding the election process, including recruitment of learners and candidacy nominations and speeches. Inauguration is the process of swearing in a person to take office and thus become the incumbent of the position.

The inauguration day : a solemn moment of joy and exchange within the school club

The ceremony  took place following the process set up within the political power. After welcoming the learners, the master of ceremonies proceeded with the opening speech. This speech was a means to congratulate the learners for their involvement during this election campaign but also to make them realize that through this programme, they are agents of change and the world leaders of tomorrow. 

Following this speech, the Madame Speakers delivered the vote results respectively for each position: Minister of Finance, Minister of Information and Public Relations, Minister of Social Development, Minister of Sports, Arts, Culture, and Entertainment, Minister of Education, Minister of Health and Environment, their respective deputies, and finally Madame President. The coronation of the cabinet members then occurred. Learners had to shake hands with the members of the Africa Unite school club team and then take the oath of office in front of all members. Through this process, the Ministers and the President each pledged to devote their strengths and efforts to the best interests of the school club, to promote the unity and cohesion of all members, and to perform the duties entrusted to them. Following the oath, the cabinet members sat in front of the parliamentarians who then proudly cheered for them. It was a real moment of joy for the Salt River learners, for both the elected members and the club parliamentarians, to recognize the new cabinet of 2023.

Learners comprising the cabinet pictured here, mentioned left to right: President LIKHO JAXA, Minister of Education CYNTHIA MTERO, Minister of Sports, Arts, Culture and Entertainment THOKOZANI MGIJIMA, Minister of Social Development SITHABA KOMENI, Deputy of Information and Public Relations OLWAM MPUKU, Deputy of Finance ONELITHA NOTIKI, Minister of Health and Environment LELETHU PASIYA. Not present: Minister of Finance Queen Dlamini and Minister of Information and Public Relations GLORIOUS KISANGANI.

A ceremony that honors youth: the future leaders of tomorrow’s world 

The inauguration process was a real moment of pride for the Salt River School Club. Indeed, the students found the ceremony particularly realistic and official, especially through the pledge of allegiance, which reminded them of the weight of the obligations and responsibilities taken on by each member of the School Club. Youth empowerment is one of the main goals advocated by Africa unite. The School Club is not only a simple imitation of a national government, it’s a way to give power to the youth so they can become agents of change in their own communities. The new President, Likho Jaxa, has clearly understood this: she is determined to work side by side with the cabinet and the parliamentarians, in respect and cohesion, for the program’s prosperity.

Learners were thankful to this club to give them the opportunity to involve in the way of change. Indeed, this ceremony was also an opportunity to recall the major issues and challenges within this school that  must be resolved, especially through dialogue and collective cohesion between all members of the school club.

Article by Mariama Camara

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